About Ramona

About Ramona

Hi, I am Ramona.

My favorite color today is yellow, I currently eat rice pudding with cinnamon and honey and I would like to live to a 132.

I want to master french
I want to ride a horse from Finland to the black sea
I want to go alpine climbing
I want to take care of kids in the Kindergarden of my mum in Tanzania

I want to be able to bake the perfect Croissaint
I want to spend much time with my grandparents
I want to learn to become a folk-dance instructure, a hobby my dad pushed through perfection
I want to visit New Zealand

I want to dance for 2 hours every day
I want to see kids, grandkids and great-grandkids grow up
I want to dip three large and eight small beeswax-candles every winter at the Bürkliplatz
I want to see the world from above

I want to play theater, because I like to be generous and want to share my dreams with as many people as possible. I believe 132 years do not suffice, because this abstract is just a fragment of my growing list of dreams and wishes.

Here you will find several facts of dreams and necessities about me.


2018/2019 Character, Shakespeare and Chechov, Clown, Vaudeville, Bouffon, Êcole Philippe Gaulier, Etampes, France
2016/2017 Neutral mask, greek tragedy, melodrama and bouffon, Êcole Philippe Gaulier, Etampes, France
10. 2014 Le Jeu, Êcole Philippe Gaulier, Etampes, France
2011 - 2014 Bewegungstheaterschule Comart, Zürich, Switzerland
2007 - 2009 Further training as intensive care specialist, Canton hospital Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland
2004 Workshop with Patch Adams, Zürich, Switzerland
2003 Improvisation theater workshop Gorillas, Berlin, Germany
2001 - 2003 Training as professional health- and sick-nurse, Hospital Waldfriede, Berlin, Germany
2001 Funambulation and acrobtatics summer course, Scuola Teatro Dimitri, Verscio, Switzerland

Stage Appearances

2019 Vaudeville Show
  Final work of the module at the École Philippe Gaulier
  Scenes from plays of George Feydeau
  Clarece in Dont walke about with nothing on!
  Madame Latour in The one that got away
  Brunhilde in Sauce for the goose
  Luise and Baroness Duverger Cat Among the Pigeons
  Direction: Pilippe Gaulier
  Bouffon Show
  Final work of the module at the École Philippe Gaulier
  Scenes from the play Eve by Philippe Gaullier
  Direction: Philippe Gaulier
2018 Madame Tuschudi and Madame Bertrand
  by Imogen Karcher
  Cabarett International and Interstellar Genv
  Direcion: Hugo Reis
  École Philipp Gaulier
  Direction: Philippe Gaulier
2017 Paula Zinner at the employment bureau
  by Ramona Karcher
  Cabarett Casting Olten: Second price
  Direction: Viola Berreca, Lorena Jovanna
  A Doll Dace
  by Irene Nerys
  Fringe Festival Paris
  Direction: Hugo Reis
  A Tuttifrutti Cabarett
  by Nina Baldini
  Fringe Festival Edinburgh
  Direction: Hugo Reis, Nina Baldini
2016 Die Amazonen
  Theater Grischun
  Fräulein Frieda
  Direction: Renè Schnoz
  by Feridun Zaimoglu und Günter Senkel
  Schauspielhaus Zürich
  Direction: Stefan Pucher
  Role: Speaking choir
  A english performance about a life-long relationship
  Direction: Alice Knapton
  Paula Zinner at the employment bureau
  by Ramona Karcher
  Open stage Brugg: first price and darling of the audiance
  Direction: Viola Barreca, Lorena Jovanna
2015 Advertisement Der neue Denner
  Direction: Michael Fueter
  Produced by: Stories
  Videoclip 5 min Insieme
  An experiment
  Direction: Tobias Fueter
  Produced by: Stories
  Wenn die Leiche zwei mal stirbt
  Dinner Crime Story Denlo Productions
  Direction: Peter Denlo
  Assistent direction: Ramona Karcher
  Music video with Florian Ast
  Part: Selfiegirl
  Production: John Allen
  Direction: Cris Hanselmann und Caroline Wolka
  Médée by Marc-Antoine-Charpentier
  Theater Basel
  Misc. roles (baroque dancer, phantom, demon, waitress)
  Direction: Nicolas Brieger
2014 Mani Matter zu seiner Zeit
  Imogen Karcher
  Old woman and conservative athlete
  Direction: Ramona, Imogen Karcher
  Comart final exam
  Conférencier, Dancer
  Direction: Albi Brunner
  Am Anfang war das Huhn
  Comart final exam
  Narrator as fox
  Direction: Rudolph Straub
  Created to serve
  Barbara Witzig, Ramona Karcher
  Crazy professor
  Direction: Ramona Karcher
  Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome
  Dance theater solo performance
  Direction: Ramona Karcher, Denise Lampart
2013 Le Voyageur
  Dance theater solo performance
  Direction: Ramona Karcher, Denise Lampart
2012 Glühwürmchen
  Firechainshow feat. Vivaldi’s four seasons
  Direction: Imogen and Ramona Karcher
2011-2013 Several shows as part of training
  Direction: Viola Barreca, Lorena Jovanna and Albi Brunner


Languages German, English (fluent), French (good), Arabic (basic)
Nationality Swiss-German
Dance Ballett, modern/contemporary dance, standard
Sport Riding, climbing, Jiu-Jitsu (martial arts), figure skating, ski and snowboard, slack-lining, diving
Artistic Acrobatic, firechain, juggling, unicycle and funambulation (basics)
Instruments Accordion, flute, piano (basics)
Playing age 25 - 35
Height 161cm
Weight ~45 kg
Manufacture 32/34
Hair colour Dark brown
Eye colour Chestnut
Shoe size 36-37