Twin Sisters

Twin Sisters

Why are we fascinated by twins? Why do the same mix-ups happen over and over again, and why is the connection between twins so special? What do the mythical stories from ancient times mean, like the persion cult of Zarathustra? In China, twins are the heralds of luck, and in Nigeria twins are inhabited by an especially large ghost. Shakespeare wrote about twins, and recent literature uses this symbol to depict the duality of good and evil.

But what does it mean to be a twin? How does the development of an identity work as a twin? Together we’re never alone, and twice as powerful. An individual is alone in its self-determination, but lonely and vulnurable.

We’d love to welcome you to our new play, which does not hold back on the humor and in which fundamentally honest and comically-absurd scenes take turns.

Imogen and Ramona (twins)

More infos available at Cocohanke.