Nietzsche wrote in the 19th century:

The craziest and most interesting of times are those when “performers” - all kinds of actors - become the true rulers of society.

A mystical creature, somewhere between heaven and earth, takes us on a journey to a fantastic world. We find ourselves in a land shortly before the elections. The candidate up for election is brilliant. He knows what his country needs, and he knows the struggles of the people. Together with his radiant wife Christine-Suzanne to his side, and his indispensable assistent Rytschbiich, we are thrown into political theater extraordinaire. The performance deals with the populist themes of our times that are visible everywhere. A transformative orchestration into the fantastic. Current phenomena are ripped out of their real context and placed into the absurd. Well known situations appear in a surreal stage of lunacy.

This one-hour piece plays with the populist machinations of our times. Ideal for an audience of 10+.

I laughed and caught myself being shocked over current politics. It was fantastic! – Audience